to drive sustainability

Diamond production with reduced carbon footprint

direct job positions created
indirect job positions created
million EUR of investment
MW of renewable electricity consumption

No mining. Just diamonds.

Diamond Foundry is a Silicon Valley-based company that has been producing lab-grown diamonds since 2012 using plasma reactors to crystallize methane. They have already established a functioning factory in the state of Washington

Diamond Foundry's decision to invest in Spain

The town of Trujillo in Cáceres, Spain, has been chosen by Diamond Foundry as the location for their second synthetic diamond factory. This facility will also be the first of its kind in Europe and will be powered by solar energy.

The alliance between Diamond Foundry and Benbros Energy

Benbros Energy is the company that has spearheaded the establishment of the Diamond Foundry factory in Spain, coordinating efforts across various domains to make the project a reality.