This is what drives us

About us


Benbros Energy emerges with a clear vision to establish itself as a frontrunner in the renewable energy sector, driving the creation of a sustainable planet. Our mission is to spearhead the decarbonization efforts by pioneering innovative, efficient, and enduring renewable energy generation solutions.


Our vision is to accelerate the transition towards a futuro energético sostenible by investing in and developing projects that contribute to the decarbonization of the industry.


Benbros Energy upholds an unwavering commitment to excellence, transparency, and societal engagement as we forge ahead in our mission to construct a more sustainable and enduring future

Benbros Energy is managed by a team of experienced professionals and renewable energy specialists. Each member has more than 15 years on average in the analysis, development and sale of renewable assets.

Meet our team of experts in sustainable projects

The team

Rafael Benjumea
Chairman & Co-founder
Francisco Ruiz
Managing Director
Jose Benjumea
Vice chairman & Co-founder
Arantxa Ferragut