Our Alliances

Benbros Energy and  Renewable Power Capital (RPC) have signed a joint venture for the development of 3.4 GW of solar power 

RPC is a pan-European renewable energy investment platform established in 2020. 

Backed by CPP Investments.

RPC specializes in investing in the development, construction, and long-term ownership of solar, onshore wind, and battery storage projects. By facilitating the energy transition, RPC aims to drive long-term, risk-adjusted stable returns.

Diamond Foundry and Benbros Energy are jointly developing the first synthetic diamond factory in Spain, located in Trujillo, Cáceres.

Diamond Foundry a Silicon Valley-based company, has been producing lab-grown diamonds since 2012 using plasma reactors and crystallizing methane. The project’s key figures include:

direct job created
indirect job created
million EUR of investment
MW of renewable electricity consumption